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CCI Supply - Competitive Choice Inc.

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-339-21 - COVID19 Disinfecting/Sanitizing Products/Services, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) & Related Items


                                Aundrea Young
                                PH:  (713) 838-1144
                                Email:  sales@competitivechoice.net

                                Julia Suan
                                PH:  (713) 838-1144
                                Email:  bids@competitivechoice.net


Put "PCA OD-339-21 - COVID19, PPE" on your Purchase Order.


Competitive Choice Inc. –  Founded in 2003 in Houston, Texas, Competitive Choice Inc. began as a small business led by President and CEO Aundrea Young. From the very beginning, the mission of Competitive Choice was to nurture and grow sustainable relationships and create long term value for customers, employees, and suppliers. Hard work, tremendous community support, and an excellent team of creative professionals enabled Mrs. Young to expand Competitive Choice from a one-office suite to a diversified business-to-business distributor of specialty chemicals, water treatment, and similarly related products and services.

At Competitive Choice, you’ll find everything you need to create a sleek and comfortable facility. We offer thousands of products, ready to be packaged and shipped, from sanitizer dispensers and PPE Supplies to waste receptacles and insect control products. You will also discover a full range of everyday items, such as paper products, hand soap, floor machines, dish care, and other traditional cleaning tools like toilet bowl brushes and wall washers. There are even janitorial products to meet the unique preferences of business owners, including cleaners available in aerosol, powder, cream, liquid, and pod form.

We go above and beyond for our customers and we do that by approaching our work with a sense of wonder and imagination. We believe in the power of giving and seek to partner with charities and organizations to create and serve to the communities we live in.