Purchasing Cooperative of America

ClearWorld, LLC

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-363-22 Disaster Preparedness
    • Awarded May 11, 2022  Ends: May 10, 2027
  • PCA OD-366-22 Security
    • Awarded May 11, 2022  Ends: May 10, 2027


Brian Marion
PH:  410-303-1405
Email:  bmarion@clearworld.us


Members put one of the above "PCA OD-3XX-20 – RFP Title" on your Purchase Order 


ClearWorld, LLC - is an alternative energy system solution provider. ClearWorld’s primary function is to design and deliver energy-efficient systems that reduce utility operating and maintenance costs. We harness the cleanest, most abundant renewable energy source available—solar energy—to provide outdoor lighting that is virtually maintenance-free. ClearWorld offers efficient, reliable systems and services that reduce the traditional utility light pole costs, from monthly energy bills to maintenance fees. ClearWorld provides resiliency and backup power, so lights and critical infrastructure remain on and functioning when you need them. ClearWorld’s solution provides power to the light poles even when the power grid is not available.