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A P Fire Protection

Awarded Contracts:  

 PCA OD-391-23 – School Safety and Related Items: Awarded September 14, 2022    Ends: September 13, 2027


                             General Information
                             PH: 623-772-5344
                             Email: support@apfirepro.com


                            Kaylee Wright 
                            PH:  602-540-2610
                            Email:  kwright@apfirepro.com


                           Bobby Anderson 
                           PH:  602-377-7920
                           Email:  banderson@apfirepro.com


•   Members put " PCA OD-391-23 – School Safety and Related Items" on your Purchase Order  


 A P Fire Protection is your one stop shop for all of your fire protection needs. We test, inspect, install, and repair everything from fire sprinkler suppression systems to backflows. We do it all with the customer in mind and value our ability to build a long-term relationship with each and every person we work with.

 We work with you to get your fire protection systems up to code and on par with what government regulations require. We want you to feel confident that your fire protection systems will provide the safety net you need in any emergency situation.

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A P Fire Protection       
7612 N 71st Ave       
Glendale, AZ 85303       
Phone:   (623) 772-5344       
Fax:        (623) 772-5384