Purchasing Cooperative of America

ARC Document Solutions, LLC

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA  OD-344-21 Signage, Banners, Parts Related Items
    • Awarded: April 12, 2021    Ends: April 11, 2026


Kumar Wiratunga, VP Strategic Partnerships 
PH:  925-949-5108
Email: kumarw@e-arc.com


Shane Herzog, Regional Vice President
6300 Gulfton, Houston, TX 77081  
PH:  832-244-9791
Email:  shane.herzog@e-arc.com


Shannon Hanson, Regional Administrator
6300 Gulfton, Houston, TX 77081  
PH:  713-953-2346
Email: Shannon.hanson@e-arc.com


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ARC Document Solutions, LLC – In 1988 ARC was founded as a single reprographics “blueprinting” company. Today we are the leading document solutions provider in the United States, operating 150+ locations. We deliver comprehensive business-to-business document management services which include a suite of reprographics technology products. Regardless of where you do business, our service centers can provide each client with a local relationship, local overflow printing, and local machine service and supplies. Our mission is simple: To provide your documents wherever you want them, whenever you want them, and in whatever form you want them.