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BioFit Engineered Products Limited Partnership

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-342-21 Furniture & Related Items
    • Awarded: April 12, 2021    Ends: April 11, 2026


Contacts:             Matt Coyne
                            PH:  800-597-0246
                            Email:  Matt.Coyne@BioFit.com

               Amie Euler
               PH:  800-597-0246 
               Email:  amie.euler@biofit.com


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BioFit Engineered Products Limited Partnership is a leader in the development and fabrication of ergonomic furnishing solutions designed for a variety of work and learning spaces. Our specialties include technical chairs and stools, mobile folding tables, multipurpose carts and accessories - all designed for long-term use and to enhance the comfort and performance of those who use them. BioFit is at the forefront of ergonomic seating. This is BioFit's focus every day as we strive to improve the workplace experience and worker productivity. BioFit has been an innovator for the past 75 years, introducing solutions for science, technology, industry, healthcare and education.