Purchasing Cooperative of America

Bonnell Industries, Inc.

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-364-22 Road & Street Cleaning & Sweeping Services, Equipment Sales and Related Items
    • Awarded May 11, 2022  Ends: May 10, 2027



                                Tessa Smice  
                                PH:  815-284-3819
                                Email:  t.smice@bonnell.com

                                Jessica Lowry
                                PH:  815-284-3819
                                Email:  jessica@bonnell.com

                                Joe Bonnell
                                PH:  815-284-3819
                                Email:  joe@bonnell.com


PCA OD-364-22 Road & Street Cleaning...on your Purchase Order.


Bonnell Industries, Inc. – is offering to PCA members our full list of manufactured products in our three product lines. a. The Snow and Ice product line includes equipment such as, snow plows, spreaders, scrappers, wings, dump bodies, multipurpose bodies, prewet systems, parts and Accessories. b. The Road Maintenance product line consists of road drags, shoulder conditioners, cross conveyers, grader blades and attachments. c. The Titan Leaf Solutions product line includes trailer leaf vacuums (non-contained and self-contained), truck mounted leaf vacuums, hook lift mounted leaf vacuums, leaf boxes, chipper caps, leaf caps, parts and accessories. Bonnell Industries has been in business for over 60 years. Our products have been trialed, tested and improved year after year, perfecting the equipment for any type of use and abuse they may endure. We are experts at working with and servicing municipal customers, about 90% of our sales and dealer’s sales are to municipal entities. We understand the process and hard work that it takes for the municipalities to make larger purchases for equipment, and we are here to support that and make it as simple as possible. As a leading manufacturer of municipal equipment, we pride ourselves in delivering a quality product, and if there are issues in the field, our expert Customer Service Staff is available to take your call and assist in tech questions, parts needs and more.