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Enel X Way

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 PCA OD-379-22 EV CHARGING STATIONS AND RELATED ITEMS  Awarded: January 11, 2023 Ends January 10, 2024 


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                          1825 Gillespie Way, Ste 201 
                          El Cajon, CA, USA 92020 
                          PH: (844) 584-2329 


                          Sales: https://info.evcharging.enelx.com/pca-contact-form



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Enel X Way is a subsidiary company of Fortune 200 energy leader, the Enel Group, and is dedicated to electric mobility. Enel X Way operates in 16 countries and manages over 193,000 public and private charging ports in North America, both directly and through roaming agreements and joint ventures. As a global platform for e-Mobility, the company is focused on developing flexible charging technologies and solutions to improve the customer experience and enable the electrification of transport for consumers, businesses, cities and public administrations. Enel X Way's flagship home charging .


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 Enel X Way USA, LLC        
 360 Industrial Road        
 San Carlos, CA 94070