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INGCO International

Awarded Contracts:  

PCA OD-393-23 Translation and Interpretation Services and Related Items: Awarded September 18, 2023 Ends: September 17, 2028


                             Elle Blackstock
                             PH:  (612) 605-8006 Ext. 909
                             Email: elle@ingcointernational.com


                              Callie Murray
                              PH:  (612) 605-8006 Ext. 901
                              Email: callie@ingcointernational.com


                              Ingrid Christensen
                              PH:  (612) 605-8006
                              Email:  ingridc@ingcointernational.com


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INGCO International offers comprehensive translation and interpreting services, ensuring effective communication in over 200 languages. The company specializes in addressing complex language challenges, providing support in critical situations, and delivering tailored solutions for various business needs.


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INGCO International       
200 Southdale Ctr        
Edina, MN 55435       
Phone:(612) 605-8006