Purchasing Cooperative of America

Kaplan Early Learning Company

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-369-22 Furniture and Related Items
    • Awarded September 14, 2022    Ends: September 13, 2027


Contacts:                Customer Account Support Department
                                PH:  800-334-2014
                                Email:  CustomerAccountSupport@kaplanco.com

                                Contract Contact: Elizabeth Patterson
                                PH:  800-334-2014
                                Email:  bids@kaplanco.com

                                Sales Contact: Mark Hansen
                                PH:  800-334-2014
                                Email:  mhanksen@kaplanco.com           


Members put "PCA OD-369-22 Furniture " on your Purchase Order  


Kaplan Early Learning Company – is a leader in the distribution of educational materials.  Kaplan currently has over 50 educational sales consultants located throughout the United States assisting customers with their educational material requirements and classroom setups.  Kaplan Early Learning Company is a major supplier for Head Start (a federal program that provides disadvantaged infants and preschoolers with educational, health, nutritional, and social services), school districts across the U.S., and U.S. military bases’ child care programs around the world.

Kaplan Early Learning Company is a provider of early childhood educational materials for age’s birth through Grade 5.