Purchasing Cooperative of America

Network Thermostat

Awarded Contracts: 

  • PCA OD-346-21 HVAC & Building Controls Products, Repair, Installation & Related Items
    • Awarded: June 14, 2021    Ends: June 13, 2026


Contacts:             John Brower
                            PH:  214-612-7260
                            Email:  jbrower@NetworkThermosat.com

                            Susan Drew
                            PH:  214-270-1980
                            Email:  sdrew@NetworkThermostat.com

               PH:  #972-580-8001
               Email:  sales@NetworkThermostat.com


Members put "PCA OD-346-210 – HVAC & Building Controls Products " on your Purchase Order  


Network Thermostat – Since 1995, NetworkThermostat™ maintains the position of industry leader in providing communicating Thermostat solutions for facilities, small businesses, and commercial or light industrial applications.

Our award-winning products and technologies give simple, reliable HVAC controls, anywhere and anytime, to maximize energy savings while providing comfort to the occupants.