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Okos, Inc

Awarded Contracts: 

PCA OD-391-23 School Safety and Related Items : Awarded September 14, 2023   Ends: September 13, 2027


                             Lee Windsor
                             PH:  1 (778) 836-0470
                             Email:  lee@okos.ca


                             Amanda Windsor
                             PH:  1 (604) 888-7415
                             Email:  amanda@okos.ca


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Okos is a North American security product procurement and installation company with offices in Alberta, and California. Established in 2019, Okos offers cost-effective installation, technology fulfillment, and data services.

 We specialize in cloud-based building security solutions that combine security equipment such as video cameras, access control systems, alarm monitoring, and environmental sensors, with cloud-based machine vision and artificial intelligence.

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Okos, Inc.  
440 N Barranca Ave #3273,   
Covina, CA 91723  
Phone: -855-321-6567