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Awarded Contracts: 

  • PCA OD-379-22 EV Charging Stations and Related Items
    • Awarded February 8, 2023, Ends: February 7, 2024



                       Jim Johnson
                          1 Whitlee Court
                          Greenville, SC 29607
                          PH:  617.413.1500
                          Email: jjohnson2@proterra.com 


                          Phil Exley
                         1 Whitlee Court
                         Greenville, SC 29607
                         PH:  617.413.1500
                         Email: pexley@proterra.com 

                          Mary Reeder
                         1 Whitlee Court
                         Greenville, SC 29607
                         Email: mreeder@proterra.com 

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Proterra – Proterra’s custom EV charging solutions provide fleet operators with a comprehensive set of products to scale their zero emission fleets, paired with Proterra’s decade of charging installation experience. Proterra recommends the ideal fleet charging solution for each project, optimized for usability, physical footprint, power, or cost, matching the customer’s priorities. DC fast chargers range in power from 60kW to 450kW, and exact power is precisely selected to match fleet charging needs.

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Proterra Operating Company, Inc.
1815 Rollins Road
Burlingame, CA 94010
Phone: (864) 438-0000
Fax:(864) 281-1874