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The Spanish Group LLC

Awarded Contracts:  

 PCA OD-392-23 The Spanish Group LLC: Awarded September 18, 2023    Ends: September 17, 2024


                              Salvador Ordorica
                               PH:  949-793-7372
                               Email:  salvador@thespanishgroup.org


                               Priscilla Gonzalez
                               PH:  (518)-246-5690
                               Email:  g.priscilla@thespanishgroup.org


                              Sandra Saenz 
                              PH:  (800) -460-1536 ext. 210
                              Email:  s.saenz@thespanishgroup.org

Members put "PCA OD-392-2023 – RFP Title" on your Purchase Order   


The Spanish Group LLC is a first-class certified translation service that reliably serves the modern needs of global trade, law, and immigration. The Spanish Group's name is synonymous with easy-to-use, affordable language services for individuals, organizations, and multinational corporations.


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The Spanish Group LLC  
1 Park Plaza, Suite 600  
Irvine, California 92614  
Phone:  (800) -460-1536  
Fax:     (949) -793-7372