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Universe Technical Translation

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PCA OD-392-23 Translation and Interpretation Services and Related Items: Awarded September 14, 2022 Ends: September 13, 2027


                             Nicole Krasnov
                             9225 Katy Freeway #400
                             Houston, Texas 77024  
                             PH:  713-827-8800
                             Email:  nicole@universe.us


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Universe Technical Translation -

Universe Technical Translation (“UTT”) established its headquarters in Houston, Texas, USA in 1981, adding global offices in London, Moscow and Baku. UTT provides translation services in over 100 languages and across multiple disciplines, it offers document translation, website localization, language classes, desktop publishing services as well as voice over and video subtitling among others. Both in-person and over-the-phone interpreters are available 24/7, whether consecutive or simultaneous interpreters. UTT is the largest provider of conference interpreting equipment rentals in Texas.


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Universe Technical Translation, Inc.   
9225 Katy Freeway     
Houston, Texas 77024     
Phone:   (713) 827-8800     
Fax:        (713) 464-551