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 PCA OD-392-23 School Safety and Related Items : Awarded September 14, 2023  Ends: September 13 2027


                             Dave Benson, CFO      
                             PH:  888-579-0181    
                             Email:  dlb@aegix.co


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Since 2020, AEGIX AIM has been focused on identifying gaps in school safety plans, resources and effective practices to increase the effectiveness of all parties involved. Our objective is to stop the    chaos that exists across the country any time a life-threatening incident occurs.    

At AEGIX, we believe that targeted integration of school systems, including video, fire systems, intercom, phone, audio, security and other key systems can enhance responders' response times and    incident resolution radically for good. Critical Training, Key Integration, Regularly Scheduled Drills, Focused Alerts, During-Incident Communication, Medical & Trauma Handling, Reunification, After    Care & Recovery, and Re-Entry (PTS) Into the School System combined provide the most complete solution available. 

AEGIX AIM, a Comprehensive Incident Response Solution (A CIR System), is the only system available that addresses the most important aspect of school violence prevention and response: accurate and immediate information through live responsive maps, multi directional chat, and ongoing integration with emergency responders. AEGIX also provides multiple training courses, including active shooter crisis response, and site vulnerability assessments.