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Agati Inc.

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-369-22 Furniture & Related Items
    • Awarded: September 14, 2022    Ends: September 13, 2027



                                Nathaniel Hawkins (Contracts Administrator)
                                PH:  312-632-6201
                                Email:  nhawkins@agati.com                     

                                Tim Macal (VP of Sales & Marketing) 
                                PH: 312-465-4610
                                Email:  tmacal@agati.com           

                                Joe S. Agati (COO)
                                PH:  312-465-4570
                                Email:  jsagati@agati.com

                                PH:  312-829-1977
                                Email:  quotes@agati.com


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Agati Furniture – is synonymous with words such as exceptional, durable, timeless. As a dedicated wood furniture manufacturer, Agati is commitment extends well beyond its competitors. This commitment has earned Agati its reputation as a consistent provider of high-quality products. An extensive range of standard furniture collections includes, but is not limited to, chairs, lounge seating, tables, carrels, end panels, top caps, desks and accessories. An in-house Design and Engineering department offers the client and project design team the ability to select an Agati furniture collection and modify that design to meet a building’s unique characteristics. Offering a complete design and engineering package, Agati takes a project from the drawing board to delivery. Agati launched its library division in the 80’s and has since solidified its foothold in the market thanks to recommendations from librarians and architects across the country. Agati has expanded its offering to include courtroom furniture, religious furniture, and lounge furniture for airports. Please visit our website, https://www.agati.com/all-spaces/ to see how Agati furniture can be utilized in a variety of public spaces.