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Academy Global Learning

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  • PCA OD-332-20 - Books, Textbooks, Digital Readers, Videos & Related Items for Libraries, Schools, Universities, Etc.



                 Angeles Chavez
                PH:  (832) 588-7762
                Email:  angeles@acgloballearning.org

                William Binder
                Business Development Representative
                Main telephone:  (281) 313-7700
                Direct Phone:  (561) 409-4944


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Academy Global Learning DBA AC Global Learning -is a leading provider specializing in language curriculum for PK-12, Special Education, and Continuing Education. Our superior online education, textbooks, and instructional materials maintain congruency of content across both online and textbook modalities—all AC Global Learning aligns all educational content to state and national standards. Our unique teaching methodology, flexible instruction models, analytics, and achievement tracking create a unique and highly adaptive learning experience tailored to the participants’ needs. 

  • Virtual classrooms  
  • In-class textbooks, teacher guide, lesson plans, and instructional materials 
  • In-class and virtual student simulcast 
  • Real-time analytics and statistics of student progress and classroom dashboards 
  • Automated scoring and test results by the software directly to the teacher’s inbox 
  • 2000+ books available in the e-library 
  • ESL/Bilingual/New Arrival/State Assessment Prep 
  • 24/7 year-round technical support 
  • Teacher training included 
  • 30+ years of experience in curriculum design  
  • 6+ years of digital transformation 
  • 10-day implementation 


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Academy Global Learning
610 Rozelle Ave.
Sugar Land, Texas, 77498
Phone: (832) 588-7762
Fax:   (281)-313-3355