Purchasing Cooperative of America

All Things Contracted, LLC (Triple S)

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-305-20 ATC-TS – Janitorial Products, Equipment, and Related Items 
    • ​Awarded: May 5, 2020   Ends: May 4, 2025



PH:  901-605-9371
email:  Janis@allthingscontracted.net

DAN WAGNER (Triple S subcontractor through All Things Contracted)
PH:  630-440-0800
email:  dwagner@triple-s.com (reference the PCA contract)


Members put “PCA OD-305-20 ACT-TS” on your P.O. & Invoice


Products: for more information, please go to the website

  • paper and paper products, paper towels, tissue wipes, etc.
  • a full range of janitorial/cleaning supplies and equipment is available
  • Green Certified Products and supplies
  • Serving the U.S. and Canada


About the Company

All Things Contracted and Triple S have partnered to provide you with a single source for all your cleaning, janitorial and safety product needs. Whether you are a K-12 school, higher education institution, government agency, hospitality, or healthcare organizations, we are here to help you achieve your goals, especially as they relate to going green and sustainability. ATC and Triple S are backed by three regional distribution centers, 175 locations across the U.S., and more than 1,200 people to support your needs with trusted brands. Local experts are on hand to assist you with

  • Education & training
  • Going Green & Sustainability
  • ROI Analysis
  • Site Surveys & Assessments
  • Equipment maintenance and repair
  • Work Loading & Staffing Optimization
  • Achieving positive and measureable business outcomes

We are focused on providing the best outcome at the lowest total cost!

As for the list of Triple S distributor locations, it can be accessed at - https://triple-s.com/distributors when you buy from one of these Vendors use their name as the "Subcontractor Vendor Name" to put with the Contract number on the PO/Invoice: PCA OD-305-20 ATC-TS-Xxxx