Purchasing Cooperative of America

Auctions International

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-312-20 Auction Services
    • Contract Dates: May 5, 2020– May 4, 2025


Michael J Skweir
4708 SE 8th Court Suite 4, Cape Coral, FL 33904  
PH:  800-536-1401 x303
Email:  mike@auctionsinternational.com


RJ Klisiewicz
Address if different from Corp Headquarters  
PH:  800-536-1401 x110
Email:  rich@auctionsinternational.com

Members put "PCA OD-312-20 – Auction Services" on your Purchase Order


Auctions International Inc. –specializes in selling government and municipal surplus via online and live auctions. Visit us online or speak with one of our experienced auction specialists today to find out how our services can strengthen your bottom line.