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BP Pulse Block

Awarded Contracts: 

  • PCA OD-379-22 RFP EV Charging Stations & Related Items 

    • Awarded: March 8, 2023 Ends: March 7, 2028




        Rosalyn Jeffries, Sr. Sales Operations Manager  
        PH:  650-542-9597  
        Email:  rfp@bppulsefleet.com


        Kellie Cloud, Sr. Sales Manager  
        PH:  214-998-4919  
        Email:  kcloud@bppulsefleet.com

        Jon Van Bogart, Sr. Sales Manager  
        PH:  (805) 610-3671   
        Email:  jvb@bppulsefleet.com  

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bp pulse is one of the most experienced fleet charging providers in North America. We have spent the last several years sharpening our strategy and building high-speed charging hubs, bespoke fleet solutions, service excellence, and outstanding digital products. bp pulse fleet offers all services required to enable a fleet to design, develop, deploy, and deliver EV charging – from the planning, engineering, and procurement to the construction, commissioning, testing, and the long-term operations of the charging solution.


Highlights of our charging solution:

  • OmegaTM CMS, our proprietary charge management system, that optimizes charging at the lowest energy cost, improves reliability of charging operations, and dynamically responds to events in real-time 

  • Omega Command Center, our user-friendly dashboard that actively monitors EVs and chargers and provides real-time updates 

  • Our qualified and experienced deployment team project managing local resources 

  • Optimum power level and quantity of preferred EVSE to meet project requirements 

  • The Advanced Site Controller, an edge device that is part of our CMS, automatically manages the load, ensures the power draw stays within a threshold, and maximizes the load profile to help to avoid costly utility service upgrades.

  • Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS), where we guarantee EV fleet performance in exchange for a price-per-mile driven fee that bundles CapEx, OpEx, and energy into a fixed rate, allowing fleet operators to forecast and manage costs long-term

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BP Pulse Fleet North America Inc.        
335 E Middlefield Rd        
Mountain View, CA 94043

Phone:   (408) 475-1501