Purchasing Cooperative of America

Cleanint, L.L.C.

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-339-21 RFP COVID-19 Disinfecting/Sanitizing Products/Services, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) & Related Items



Tuan Dam
PH:  512-960-4630
Email:  tuand@cleanint.com

Todd Terbush
PH:  512-298-1286
Email:  toddt@cleanint.com

David Branscum        
PH:  512-410-7338
Email:  davidb@cleanint.com


Members: Please add “PCA OD-339-21 COVID19 Disinfecting/Sanitizing…” on your Purchase Order 


Cleanint, LLC. – Since 2009, Cleanint has developed innovative, patented and useful infection control devices. Our solutions help stop the spread of infectious germs and viruses on commonly used and shared items.  They are used extensively in state and local governments, education, retail, medical and food service industries.