Purchasing Cooperative of America

Cook’s Direct Inc.

Awarded Contracts :

  • PCA OD-398-23 Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Small wares and Related Items
    • ​Contract Dates: July 13, 2020 - July 12, 2025  ​


Teri Teclaw
PH:  800-956-5571 Ext 127
Email:  tteclaw@cooksdirect.com

Tony Augello 
PH:  800-956-5571 Ext 128
Email:  taugello@cooksdirect.com

Members put "PCA OD-398-23 – Commercial Kitchen Equipment and Supplies" on your Purchase Order 


Cook’s Direct Inc. – Cook’s Direct is a leading dealer in heavy duty kitchen equipment and small wares.  We have specialized in supplying institutional kitchens for over 28 years.  In the last 17 years, we have expanded our line to supply universities, veteran homes, hospitals, micro markets, convention centers and many more.  Cook’s holds over 30 state and county contracts for kitchen equipment and supplies.  We also create specialty products under the Cook’s Brand Line as a sole source provider of our own products.  We are an authorized dealer for more than 100 manufacturers of Kitchen Equipment and small wares.