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Davis Demographics

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-323-20 Demographic Services



Lorne Woods, Regional Manager
Texas Office
PH: 469-857-6500
Email: Lwoods@DavisDemographics.com


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Davis Demographics & Planning, Inc. – Davis Demographics helps public K-12 school districts to make decisions with confidence. Smart decisions rarely begin with guesswork. We understand that school districts need to be prepared to adapt to demographic changes and shifting economic resources. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is committed to providing the insight and support that school district administrators need in order to successfully plan for the future.

Our consulting services in demographic master planning and demographic data analytics are bolstered through the use of SchoolSite™, the most robust school-specific software in the industry. Our custom SchoolSite™ software is built specifically for ArcGIS® computer-mapping software from Esri. The combination of ArcGIS® and SchoolSite™ provides unrivaled capabilities for producing highly-detailed demographic studies and remarkable demographic analytics, combined with seamless sharing of GIS data throughout various agencies (school district, city, county, assessor, etc.) that are already maintaining various kinds of mapping and analytical data through the use of GIS (geographic information system) software tools.

Whether a school district hires Davis Demographics for consulting services, or chooses to license our SchoolSite software for in-house capabilities, that school district will be the beneficiary of the many capabilities of the SchoolSite software.

Services (and software capabilities)

  • Generate comprehensive student projections
  • Track new housing and factor into forecast methodology
  • Produce detailed maps and demographic analytics
  • Experiment with Redistricting scenarios
  • Visualization and mapping of any data
  • Model the future of your school district

Software Applications

  • SchoolSite™ desktop for Esri ArcGIS® desktop
  • SchoolSite Locator (online school finder tool)