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Durable Textile Solutions

Awarded Contracts: 

  • PCA OD-352-21 Medical Supplies, Equipment & Related Items
    • ​Awarded: October 11, 2021            Ends: October 10, 2026


Ammar Nadeem, Vice President Sales
PH:  407 401 8275
Email:  ammar@durabletextile.com

Naveed Chinoy, Managing Director
PH:  407 908 0632
Email:  naveed@durabletextile.com

Ahsan Mustafa, President
PH:  407 227 2851
Email:  ahsan@durabletextile.com

Gary Poole, CEO
Address if different from Corp Headquarters  
PH:  +1 (407) 234-7983
Email:  gary@durabletextile.com


Members put "PCA OD-352-210 – Medical..." on your Purchase Order / Invoice.

DT Solutions LLC – DBA - Durable Textile Solutions - is a small business that provides a range of textile and fabric solutions to the public and private sectors. Established in 2014 and headquartered in Orlando, Florida, we work closely with all levels of the government (federal, state, and local), public universities and research institutes, and private businesses. Durable textile is an Authorized reseller for Medline, Cardinal Health, O&M Halyard, and Halyard Health. Our clients include the Department of Defense, Kansas State University, CDC, San Bernardino County, and the University of Mississippi, to name a few. Using advanced fabrics and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, we provide a wide range of textiles, from AAMI levels 1-4 medical gowns to apparel for industrial textiles such as high-quality tarpaulins, personnel protection equipment (PPE) for construction safety, and more. Our AAMI levels 1-4 medical gowns are branded under the name of Medical Links. All our products comply with the highest FDA and AATCC quality standards, which means you get the best quality textiles that are available in the market. Moreover, we are small enough to provide personal attention, yet large enough to deliver insightful support in every provided field.


Core Competencies Goods and Products

Caps, Footsies, Bed sheets, Coveralls, Apron, Lab Coats, Isolation Gown, Surgical Gowns, PPE Gowns, Hoodies, T Shirts, Pajamas, Chinos, Pools,

Dresses, Shorts, Uniforms, Graduation Gowns, Bed sheets, Pillow Covers, Comforters, Towels, Tarpaulins, PVC Coated Fabric, Acrylic Coated Fabric, Safety Vests, Reflective Vest, Construction Apparel.

ANSI/AAMI PB70 Level 2 requirements
Barrier Protection (AATCC 42 and AATCC127)

Corporate Information
DUNS: 118158425
CAGE Code: 92UH5
NSN Code: 6532-01-146-4269
Socio-economic: Business Size: Small Business (SB)
Owner/Operator #: 10075640

Key Differentiators

  • Authorized reseller for Medline, Cardinal Health, O&M Halyard, and Halyard Health.
  • Completed 200+ projects
  • Our Firm has manufactured textiles for more than 25 states all across the US.
  • Management Team that has 2 Decades of Textile Manufacturing.
  • Expertise in working with Large/Small Enterprises in the private sector and Government agencies projects.
  • Some of our clients include DOD, CDC, San Bernardino County, and The University of Mississippi, to name a few and others.
  • Our Strategic Alliance in CONUS/OCONUS has reduced Cost and shipping time by as much as 60%.