Purchasing Cooperative of America

Ecologic Furniture

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-313-20 - Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Including Maintenance, Installation & Related Items


Ken Klein, President
PH:  847-234-5855
Email:  kklein@ecologicfurniture.com

Jennifer Kryger, Office Administrator
PH:  847-234-5855
Email: jkryger@ecologicfurniture.com

Lynne Angelos, Inside Sales Support
PH:  847-234-5855
Email: langelos@ecologicfurniture.com


Members put "PCA OD-313-20, Furniture, Fixtures, Equip…" on your Purchase Order


Ecologic Furniture was founded in 1989. Ecologic is a full-service student housing furniture design and manufacturing firm that specializes in creating elegant, yet durable, environmentally friendly student furniture for Universities across North America. Our staff includes highly experienced production engineers, designers, project managers and installation coordinators. We are proud that our reputation is based upon providing consistent, responsive, superior service to our customers. In working as an extension of PCA, our primary goal is to continue a tradition of technical innovation and design excellence in furniture manufacturing and installation management.


Ecologic Furniture offers PCA Members:


1)Ecologic will provide a discount of 58% off our published 2020 Retail Pricing. Discount will     include freight to site.
2)Ecologic will extend additional volume discounts to all PCA members above the submitted percentage for orders over $100,000.00.
3)Ecologic is proud to present PCA Members its industry leading Eco-Care program. Ecologic will walk-through the members property in conjunction with staff     annually to determine any repair and replacement needed as part of its Eco Care inspection program.
4)Ecologic will visit each property to provide an analysis of the furniture and determine what items need to be replaced due to abuse or warranty. The Eco Care inspection program is offered at no cost for the first year after installation of the furniture.