Purchasing Cooperative of America

Educational Products, Inc

Awarded Contracts:  

  • PCA OD-400-23 Office Supplies and Related Items
    • Awarded January 10, 2024     Ends: January 10, 2029



Matt McDaris
PH:  241-227-2772
Email:  mmcdaris@educatonalproducts.com.com

Andrea O’Hare
Cloudcroft, NM  
PH:  281-451-5734
Email:  aohare@educationalproducts.com

Marta Savin
PH: 832-327-6306
Email:  msavin@educationalproducts.com


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EPI School Supplies - offers built-to-order, pre-packaged school kits, hygiene kits, backpacks, and apparel (both customized and blank). We are the innovators of school supply programs and have been working with schools and districts since 1980.