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Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-310-20 Substitutes & Other Temporary Personnel, Including Virtual Classrooms and Offices


Ron Glisk
PH:  856.482.0300 ext 3577
Email:  RGlisk@ESS.com

Jennifer Mangan
PH:  856.482.0300 ext 3225
Email:  JMangan@ESS.com


Please put "PCA OD-310-20 – RFP Substitutes & Other Temporary Personnel, Including Virtual Classrooms and Offices on your Purchase Order.


Through our several company entities, we will be able to service any member district no matter its location across the country. ESS entities will be able to service PCA member districts nationwide.

ESS consists of the following entities:     
ESS Northeast, LLC
ESS Southeast, LLC
ESS South Central, LLC
ESS Midwest, Inc.
ESS Support Services, LLC
Enriched Schools
Proximity Learning, Inc.

ESS - ESS is the leading personnel and management solution exclusively for K-12 school districts. The company provides a comprehensive program that streamlines administrative operations, improves technology performance, and places high-quality substitute teachers, paraprofessionals, and support staff to districts nationwide. This full-service program gives districts more resources and stronger classroom support, elevating student achievement and educational equity.

The company is known for the personalized, modern, and innovative solutions it creates for its district partners. Whether it’s targeted multimedia recruitment campaigns that bring in quality staff in record numbers; face-to-face training that is personal, hands-on, and invaluable to long-term professional development; or real-time, live instruction taught by state-certified teachers in the classroom via web-conference technology, ESS uses its 20 years of experience exclusively serving educational institutions to creates profound and unique value for its district partners.

A few advantages of our partnership:

  • A program that provides the highest quality substitutes, paraprofessionals, and support staff from your community
  • Virtual classes to connect students to certified instructors through interactive, live instruction
  • Dedicated local management team supporting your district daily
  • In-person, onsite training focusing on classroom management, teaching strategies, and special education
  • Web-based substitute placement and absence management system
  • Immediate, non-stop community recruiting tailored to your district
  • Employee benefits – incentives, bonus programs, awards, health benefits, 401(k)
  • Administrative relief associated with reviewing resumes, onboarding new hires, credentials, training, employee dispatching, managing and supporting employees, payroll processing, and tracking and analyzing absence data