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Extra Duty Solutions

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-370-22 Extra Duty Officer Details, Scheduling Services and Related Items
    • Awarded September 14, 2022    Ends: September 13, 2027



​                        Wayne Scott  (extra-duty administration)
                        PH:  336-430-6340
                        Email:  wscott@extradutysolutions.com

​                        Dan Ryan (on-duty scheduling software)
​                        PO Box 780632
​                        San Antonio, TX 78278
                        PH:  800-723-5124
                        Email:  dryan@extradutysolutions.com


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Extra Duty Solutions – Extra Duty Solutions is more than a customized software company for law enforcement agencies. We offer complete solutions for employee scheduling, overtime distribution and control, duty assignments, and payroll preparation for both on and off duty management – using each agency’s rules and policies to administer the programs.

Our Extra Duty program is both configured software and full administration of extra-duty programs. At no cost to your agency, we handle the customer interaction, the communication and scheduling of the details, the officer payment and the customer invoicing and collections.  In doing that we eliminate the financial risk and limit the legal risk for your department and municipality.

Officers schedule off duty details through the officer portal or mobile app, twin easy-to-use software systems that can be personalized and used interchangeably. The portal can be accessed from any online device including laptops, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, etc. Our app can be downloaded at no cost to iPhones and Android phones.

Customers seeking off-duty officers can directly access our software online. This enables them to easily request new off duty details, modify or cancel existing details, communicate with our staff, and view their service history. Most customers, however, prefer to call their dedicated account team

Our on-duty software integrates with the Xtra Duty software, allowing visibility of off duty details in regular schedules and allowing Xtra Duty to prevent overlaps between details and regular work shifts.

We provide full agency and customer phone/email/text support 24/7/365.

PCA members may wish to use On-Duty, Xtra-Duty, or both. We are glad to provide one or both of these services, freeing up our law enforcement partners to focus on the safety of their citizens.