Purchasing Cooperative of America

Hunt & Associates Inc.

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-303-20 Disaster Recovery Services and JOC Restoration  
  • PCA OD-325-20 Job Order Contracting



Texas - Keith Hunt
PH:  956-459-1696
Email: k.huntassociatesinc@gmail.com


Please put one of the contracts above "PCA OD-3xx-xx Title" on the purchase order.


Hunt & Associates Inc. - specializes in serving as a single source representative for professional construction management of facility improvement projects that will benefit by utilizing the JOC program.  Hunt is team-centric and exists to guide and develop public facility management professionals by providing them with exceptional services, products, resources, and opportunities through the PCA program. Hunt promotes facility project management through continued shared JOC excellence, education, total team relationships, leadership, business opportunities, and recognizing and rewarding excellence in all those with whom we do business.