Purchasing Cooperative of America

Innovative Groups

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-336-21 - Construction Management/Construction Programs



Dane Pletcher
PH:  316-323-9523
Email:  pletcher@innovative-groups.com

Kyle Banick
PH:  316-461-2819
Email:  banick@innovative-groups.com

Chris Sele
PH:  316-208-1318
Email:  sele@innovative-groups.com

Members put “PCA OD-336-21 – CM/CP" on your Purchase Order

Innovative Groups – Innovative Groups provides PCA members a turn-key construction project procurement avenue.  Using our 40+ years of combined experience in the construction industry, we can walk the Member through the entire process.  Due to our previous rolls, Innovative Groups’ clients are afforded experience as mechanical engineer, general contractor, mechanical contractor, commissioning agent, and HVAC equipment manufacturer’s sales representative.  These professions necessitated close interactions and familiarity with other disciplines and trades essential to construct a building such as architectural, structural, electrical, civil, etc.  Furthermore, it has allowed us to develop extensive connections throughout our industry.  We draw on our vast knowledge base and professional network to offer many different perspectives and provide value to PCA Members throughout all facets of a construction project.