Purchasing Cooperative of America

JetCo Solutions

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-403-24 Cured-in Place (CIP) Rehabilitation for Vertical Sewer Structures
    • Awarded: March 6, 2024 Ends: March 6, 2029


Jon Tellier (President) 
PH: (616) 588-2493
Email:  jtellier@jetcosolutions.com

Jessica Sweet 
PH:  (616) 577-2165
Email:  jsweet@jetcosolutions.com

Riley Winchester 
PH:  (616) 577-2293
Email:  rwinchester@jetcosolutions.com


Members put " PCA OD-374-22 Grant Writing " on your Purchase Order

JetCo Solutions serves as an embedded government sales and marketing team. Clients receive ongoing support spanning the entire government sales and marketing life cycle, including capture, research, bid search engines, bid/no-bid evaluation guidance, proposal management, grant writing and post-submission support.