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Kathy Michael – President & CEO
PH: (254) 947-7283
Email: kmichael@kamico.com kmichael@kamico.com


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KAMICO Instructional Media (HUB) (WBE) - KAMICO® Instructional Media, Inc. embarked on a mission in 1988 to develop the most effective instructional and test preparation materials possible and to distribute those materials at prices that made them accessible to all students. Founder and current president Kathy Michael was a classroom teacher when she created the initial instructional and test preparation books and games after finding no products available that met her students' academic needs. Her knowledge of the classroom, children's learning styles, curriculum design and development, and assessment requirements led to the creation of a results-oriented product line that is engaging, challenging, and effective.

Today, KAMICO®'s expansive product line provides educators with the tools to ensure student mastery of state curriculum standards and success on state assessments. These tools are used by educators across the country to assess the academic strengths and weaknesses of students, assist students in mastering curriculum standards determined by their state, build students' test-taking endurance, develop students' test-taking skills, and relieve students' test-taking anxiety. From one Texas classroom, the use of Ms. Michael's materials quickly spread across the state--including through the highly acclaimed Brazosport school district--and then throughout the country as educators who praised these materials shared their students' academic progress and test results with other teachers, principals, and superintendents.

Throughout the past decade, KAMICO® has grown rapidly to include a staff of talented writers with classroom teaching experience, award-winning illustrators, and expert programmers. This team supports over 350 titles and products with over 23,000 unique high-quality field-tested items.

Following the overwhelming market acceptance of the company's full suite of books spanning all areas of the curriculum from kindergarten through grade 12, KAMICO® began development of a computer-based product line in response to educators' requests for an interactive software product. KAMICO®'s Path to Mastery™ software runs on a network or stand-alone and consists of two components--the Student Instructional Program and the Teachers' Management Database System. The Student Instructional Program consists of tens of thousands of questions and interactive tutorials that guide students through the learning process. Students receive personalized feedback and graphic representations of their progress. The Teachers' Management Database System allows educators to disaggregate data by numerous demographics, providing teachers with the information needed to tailor instruction to meet the needs of individual students, small groups of students, or entire classes of students.

Because of the consistent, driving focus of Ms. Michael and her talented associates, KAMICO® has established a reputation not only for outstanding, integrated curriculum materials, but also for strong customer support, prompt order processing, and immediate product delivery.

KAMICO®'s methodology is based on a three-step cycle: (1) assessing student knowledge, (2) disaggregating data to identify academic skills that have been mastered and those that need additional reinforcement and development, and (3) customizing instruction for individual students, small groups of students, and entire classes of students. Through the years, as schools and school systems have continued to respond to the increasing demands of standards-based reform, KAMICO®'s technology tools have been tailored to simplify the work for teachers and administrators.

Today KAMICO® Instructional Media, Inc. leads the industry in standards-based curriculum, data disaggregation, and standards-based assessment preparation.