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Lango Deaf & HoH LLC

Awarded Contracts:  

PCA OD-392-23 Translation and Interpretation Services and Related Items: Awarded September 14, 2023    Ends: September 13, 2027  



                           Blake Hull
                           PH: 817-889-3448
                           Email:  bhull@lango.co


                          Bobby Fisher  
                          PH:  817-575-9843
                          Email:  bfisher@lango.co


Members put "PCA OD-392-23 – Translation and Interpretation Services and Related Items" on your Purchase Order


Lango Deaf & HoH LLC is a CODA/Interpreter managed business with 40 plus years of total experience working in the field of interpreting. The team behind Lango Deaf & HoH deeply understands the Deaf community. Everything we do to serve our customers is informed by decades of experience and an unmatched passion for what we do.

Our vision is to provide a quality interpreting experience efficiently and effectively to all parties involved. We are equipped to fulfill the PCA members’ needs with an ample supply of certified sign language interpreters available via our user-friendly scheduling platform which gives you the ability to schedule interpreters Onsite and OnDemand Video Remote, run reports and view logs based on different criteria. This greatly enhances our ability to accommodate, organize, and fulfill all requests made.


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Lango Deaf & HoH LLC      
249 W Thornhill Dr.,      
Fort Worth, TX 76115P  
Phone:  (817) 889-3448