Purchasing Cooperative of America

Perma-Bound Books

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-350-21 Books for Libraries, Schools, Universities; including videos, audio, digital, braille, large-print books, and more
    •  ​Awarded: 6/14/2021    Ends: 6/13/2026


Contacts:                 Heather Cook, Sales Coordinator
                                PH:  (800) 637-6581, ext. 110
                                Email: bids@perma-bound.com

                                Ann Koster, Customer Support Supervisor
                                PH: (800) 637-6581, ext. 200
                                Email: kostera@perma-bound.com

                   Julie Thein-Caselton, Accts. Receivable Supervisor
                   PH:  (800) 637-6581, ext. 150
                   Email:  juliet@perma-bound.com


Perma-Bound Books – provides a variety of educational materials.  We sell fully processed library books, classroom book sets, books, eBooks, databases, & educational materials.