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Reading Plus LLC

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  • PCA OD-320-20 Education & Instructional Materials, Supplies & Related Items
    • Awarded: July 13, 2020    Ends: July 12, 2025


Shivomi Prematilleke
PH:  800-732-3758 or 305-787-2213
Email: shivomi.prematilleke@readingplus.com

Anthony Valenti
PH:  800-732-3758 or 909-496-5575
Email:  Anthony.valenti@readingplus.com


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Reading Plus LLC – Reading Plus is a personalized, adaptive cloud-based silent reading intervention designed for students in grades 3 and above. The program has proven success in hybrid, remote, and traditional learning environments. Reading Plus targets the specific reading pillars of fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary. We have decades of research that supports the effectiveness of our pedagogy and approach.

Reading Plus meets the needs of students who have developed the learn-to-read foundational skills but need supplemental instruction and practice with reading-to-learn silent-reading skills. Reading Plus assesses a student’s silent reading fluency, vocabulary and motivation to read, and then delivers a personalized, adaptive reading instructional program that is research proven to raise reading scores by 2-2.5 grade levels with 40-60 hours of program use.