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PCA OD-375-22 Lockers  Awarded December 14, 2022 Ends: December 13, 2026 


                       Marty Powers 
                        16-1833 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam 
                        BC Canada V3C 6G5   
                        PH:  647-200-8450 
                        Email: marty.powers@realtimenetworks.com 
                        Katie Callon 
                       16-1833 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam 
                        BC Canada V3C 6G5   
                        PH:  800-331-2882 

Members put "PCA OD-375-22 Lockers 

Real Time Networks Inc. 

AssetTracer Intelligent Locker Management Solution is assembled from flexible locker modules that can be combined into vertical or horizontal stacks according to your exact needs. Lockers can include optional charging ports for radios, mobile devices, or other electronics. They can also be configured with built-in scales for asset weight checks. Or configured with a wireless content surveillance system that allows you to track each asset and confirms the correct assets are returned to lockers during transactions. 
Users authenticate themselves and complete transactions through an intuitive touchscreen interface. Authentication options include access cards (HID, etc), IrisID, facial recognition, fingerprint or smart phone. Multi-factor authentication can be configured to ensure high security. You can assign locker access to individual personnel, whole teams, or by job type. Combine any number of the different locker compartment modules with an access terminal module to build an AT Series asset management system that fits your exact needs. Suitable for securing everything from, scanners, mobile printers, two-way radios, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and more.  Real Time Networks Inc. offers the largest number of module sizes and options that can be combined in a single locker system. If a project has special requirements, we can build custom sizes on request.

We offer several door styles to meet your needs. 


  •  Manage, track and secure shared pools of guns and equipment, Tasers, evidence, twoway radios, body cameras 
  • Optional wireless content surveillance for enhanced security and accountability 
  • Ability to store and charge multiple devices per compartment 
  • Durable, highly configurable locker systems 
  • Rapid touchscreen transactions 
  • Automated alerts via email and multiple authentication options 
  • Integrated camera optionally records users during transactions and includes those photos in transaction logs for added accountability and security 
  • Customise lockers with charging ports 
  • Optional content surveillance ensures the correct asset is inside the locker 
  • Easy management through browser-based software 
  • Customisable reporting and complete support 


  • Provides secure storage and controls access to evidence.  
  • Automatically documents a full audit trail of who, what and when evidence was deposited or withdrawn from the locker.  
  • Provides real time reporting and alerts. 
  • Improved Availability and Security 
  •  Officers can securely store and deposit when needed 
  • Evidence technicians can access the system when needed to withdraw evidence 
  • Multiple levels of access and role-based access control 
  • Customizable to meet the needs of any evidence handling procedures. 

We also offer 5 module Key Management Solutions 

Real Time Networks Inc. offers custom built proposal solutions for individual needs. We provide 24/7 phone and online portal response. From planning to purchase to delivery to installation to all future communications we are ready to assist with real time support and innovative secure solutions.  
Remote Installation – Cabinet and installation instructions will be delivered to customer. Our client service staff will plan and guide your own installation crew to set up the cabinet, including mounting the cabinet on the wall. Includes system training and guided set up. 
Onsite Installation – We will send out our training installers to complete the cabinet and installation and base set up. Includes remote system training and guided set up. 

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Real Time Networks Inc. 
16-1833 Coast Meridian Road 
Port Coquitlam, BC Canada V3C 6G5 
Phone:  604-941-8463 
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