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Awarded Contracts: 

PCA OD-392-23 Translation and Interpretation Services and Related Items:Awarded September 13, 2023     Ends: September 12, 2024


                      Brad Holt; VP Sales 
                            PH:(801) 580-5765


                           Emmett Hassen; Sales, Western US
                           PH: (602) 649-4337

                           Jason Webb; Eastern US
                           PH:(757) 773-0106


Members put "PCA OD-392-23 Translation and Interpretation Services and Related Items " on your Purchase 


SignGlasses – Our patented technology allows users to receive live translation overlaid on top of their environment through a pair of smart glasses as well as an entire software suite that works seamlessly with the glasses. 
We provide remote interpreting services to facilitate communication between Deaf and hearing people for education, business, medical and healthcare, legal, and more. 
We provide live captions in customizable formats optimized for all your remote or on-site needs.


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159 W. Broadway, Suite 200-261   
Salt Lake City, UT 84101   
Phone:(801) 923-2426