Purchasing Cooperative of America

Sustainability Partners LLC

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-381-22 Financial Support for Energy Conservation, Infrastructure & Related Products and Services ​​
    • Contract Dates: February 8, 2023 – February 7, 2028
  • PCA OD-365-22 Water Meter Systems and Related Items ​​
    • Contract Dates: May 11, 2022 - May 10, 2027
  • PCA ​RFQ 3-184-18 Financing for Public Entities and Facility Operations & Maintenance
    • ​Contract Dates: Feb 6, 2018 - Feb 5, 2023 



Adam Cain 
PH:(949) 923-0010


Put one of the contracts above "PCA OD-3XX-2X" on the Purchase Order / Invoice.

Sustainability Partners LLC (SP) solves the capital needs for essential infrastructure and partners with cities, schools, hospitals and other government agencies across the nation to keep it reliable, safe, and efficient. SP offers 100% or any combination of the necessary funding, design, engineering, procurement, installation, commissioning, ongoing maintenance, and long-term upgrades required. SP funds infrastructure for customers through a simple month-to-month service agreement requiring zero upfront capital.


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