Purchasing Cooperative of America

Tinsley Administrative Solutions, LLC & Subcontractors

Awarded Contracts :

  • PCA OD-322-20 Employee Assistance Programs 
    • ​Contract Dates: July 13, 2020 - July 12, 2025  ​


Ana V. Tinsley, Benefits Director
Licensed in General Lines Life/Health
601 Quail Valley Drive
PH: 512-731-7997
Email: avtinsley@ttasllc.com


Members put “PCA OD-322-20 TAS” on your Purchase Order (see below for options). 


Tinsley Administrative Solutions, LLC (TAS) A national vendor with PCA to provide:
• Comprehensive Administration
• Retirement Software for Defined Benefit Pension Plans
• Certified Life, Health, Accident & HMO Agent/Broker for Individual/Group for Plan Sponsor and the Marketplace




4C Digital Health  –

  Control over health claims data for self-insured employers
  Members put “PCA OD-322-20 – TAS/4C EAP” on your Purchase Order



  A Wellness Program that promotes health and healthcare education   
  Members put “PCA OD-322-20 - TAS/Quizzify EAP” on your Purchase Order

Collegiate Health Solutions -
  Wide variety of insurance services for university/college students and more.
  Members put “PCA OD-322-20 – TAS/CHS EAP” on your Purchase Order

Specialty Care Management SCM(pdf)

  Programs designed to prevent and mitigate catastrophic dialysis-related claims
  Members put “PCA OD-322-20 –TAS/SCM EAP” on your Purchase Order

U. S. Preventive Medicine, Inc.
  A Corporate Program in the field of preventive medicine
  Members put “PCA OD-322-20 – TAS/USPM EAP” on your Purchase Order


Paydhealth, LLC. -    

  A program that uses funding sources and alternative strategies, to help employees. reduce their specialty  pharmacy   costs by twenty-five to forty percent.
 Members put “PCA OD-322-20 – TAS/paydhealth EAP” on your Purchase Order