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Veregy West, LLC


Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-378-22 National JOC for Facilities and Energy Conservation

    • Contract Dates: December 14, 2022 – December 13, 2027
  • ​PCA OD-346-21 HVAC & Building Controls Products, Repair, Installation & Related Items
    • Contract Dates: June 14, 2021 – June 13, 2026


Ron Stalica
5601 Bridge Street
Fort Worth, TX 76112 
PH:  480-332-6207
Email: rstalica@midstate-energy.com


John Hobbes
23325 North 23rd Avenue Suite 120
Phoenix, Arizona 85027
PH:  480-261-6045
Email:  jhobbes@midstate-energy.com 


Members put "PCA OD-346-21 Energy or HVAC" on your Purchase Order


Midstate Energy LLC is a leading energy efficiency contractor, specializing in guaranteed energy-efficient building improvements. Over our 32 years history, Midstate Energy has developed and implemented projects across numerous school systems (i.e., Universities, K-12) and cities. We are well-versed in providing turnkey solutions as we have completed over $240 Million in various energy savings projects. We offer a turnkey solution that includes facility evaluation, scope development, implementation; and if needed, structured financing options that can include a guaranteed for the projects performance.
Additionally, our valued relationships have propelled us into the top quartiles of client ratings combined with exceptional year-over-year safety scores. Below is a recent listing of awards we have been presented.


Awards Recently Presented to Midstate Energy

2018 Peoria Unified School District - Education Visionary Awards - Business Leader Award
2017 Peoria Unified School District - Education Visionary Awards - Business Leader Award
2017 Sunnyside Unified School District – Awarded at the Battle of the Buildings
2016 Tucson Electric Power – Project of the Year Award for the Sunnyside Unified School District Energy Savings Performance Project
2014 Roadrunner School – Energy Project awarded 1st Platinum LEED Certification in Arizona



Beyond the $240 Million Midstate Energy has completed in projects, the team is comprised of executives who have held national and regional leadership roles for multiple Energy Service Companies (ESCO). These individuals have been involved in over $3 Billion in projects with over 120 years of combined experience.


The members of the Midstate team understand the importance of managing both internal and external resources to control development costs that is why our approach revolves around internal development and structuring of transactions. We understand what parts of a project are negotiable and with full transparency present all risk management strategies to your organization for discussion and review.



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Veregy West, LLC formerly Midstate Energy LLC. 
23325 North 23 Rd. Avenue, Suite 120 
Phoenix, Arizona 85027

Phone: 602-452-8720