Purchasing Cooperative of America

Whooster (& OWL Technology)

Awarded Contracts:

  • PCA OD-391-23 - School Safety and Related Items
    • Awarded September 13, 2022     Ends: September 12, 2027
  • PCA OD-306-20 Safety, Security, Compliance, Verification Services for the Public-at-Large
    • Awarded: May 5, 2020  Ends: May 4, 2025



Elisabeth Thomas
Email:  ClientServices@whooster.com

Ed Turet
Email:  ClientServices@whooster.com


Put "PCA OD-306-20 Safety" or "PCA OD-391-23 School Safety"  on your Purchase Order.


Whooster™ provides investigative data solution tools to law enforcement, government agency and business sector clients who need to find out – ‘Who’, ‘What’ and ‘Where’ as well as discovering non-obvious links between the who, what, and whereUse results to drill down or cross-reference all records delivered

  • Speed, responses in 5 to 7 seconds
  • Works on any phone that has texting capabilities and service 
  • Does not require internet connectivity
  • No software or app to download
  • Works on landline numbers, private numbers, cell phones, and toll-free numbers


OWL Contacts:
Todd Bendus - VP of Business Development

PH: 512-419-4108

Email: tbendus@whooster.como


Zach Artz - Senior VP of Business Development

PH: 512-419-4203

Put "PCA OD-306-20 Safety...." on your Purchase Order.

OWL technology (under the Whooster contract) provides 12 web-based visualization tools and mobile phone access each providing users with the most robust analytical tools available today. The OWL Real-time Intelligence Algorithm compares, matches, links, and scores data records and data attributes in real-time from disparate data sources housed in OWL structured and/or unstructured databases or third-party databases accessed via API.