Purchasing Cooperative of America

Wood Designs

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-342-21 Furniture & Related Items
    • Awarded: April 12, 2021    Ends: April 11, 2026
  • PCA OD-313-20 - Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment, Including Maintenance, Installation & Related Items

    • Awarded: June 8, 2020    Ends: June 7, 2025


    Contacts:             Adeana Gomez
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                                PH:  800-247-8465
                                Email:  orders@wooddesigns.com

                   Thomas Smosky, Contracts Specialist 
                   All Quotes, and Customer Service Questions/Issues
                   PH:  800-247-8465
                   Email:  thomas@wooddesigns.com


    Members put "PCA OD-342-21" or "PCA OD-313-20" on your Purchase Order  


    Wood Designs (WDM, Inc.) – As an American manufacturer, located in North Carolina, we strive to continually provide the highest quality products and customer satisfaction. Wood Designs promises to provide some of the safest, strongest and most aesthetically pleasing furniture for early learning environments by using the best materials, strongest construction, and imaginative design.