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WT Cox Information Services

Awarded Contracts

  • PCA OD-320-20 - Educational & Instructional Materials


Debra Knox
PH:  800-571-9554
Email:  dknox@wtcox.com

Didi Holden
PH:  800-571-9554
Email:  didi@wtcox.com

Robyn Barbour
PH:  800-571-9554
Email:  rbarbour@wtcox.com


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WT Cox is a premier full service information partner with nearly 30,000 customers throughout the United States and domestic territories worldwide. We offer a portfolio of services that include print and electronic subscription access, publisher package management, and personal customer service specialists as well as an impressive reputation for being very flexible and easy to work with as information service partners. We will service periodical, serials, publishers’ series, standing orders and continuing titles (continuations), both domestic and foreign. We offer a full range of print digital delivery, print plus online and online only titles. Basic service will include the acquisition and delivery of all new orders, renewals, late renewals, back issues, transfer renewals, added copy subscriptions, special orders, membership and associated publications. Our services also include a complete series of management reports, automated subscription services and online ordering, searching and claiming capabilities via the Worldwide Web. We provide all services related to serial collection supply and management.